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HZTool Version 4.0 Release Note

New features and routines

  • First CEDAR release. Uses gnu autoconf tools.
  • The following routines have been modified such that they can be run either with direct and resolved photoproduction as processes 1 or 2, or both together as process 0. All new photoproduction routines must implement this (see manual). Routines: hz94176, hz95033, hz01220, hz00035, hz02228, hz97196, hz98085, hz02023, hz95194, hz98162, hz96094, hz97164, hz97191, hz98018, hz99057, hz01225, hz00166, hz96094, hz97164, hz97191, hz98018, hz99057, hz01225.
  • New hera routines: hzh9505001, hzh0302034, hzh9810020, hzh0006017, hzh0108047, hzh0408149, hzh0312057, hzh0404033 (does not yet include the data)
  • New Tevatron routines: hzh0010026, hzh9907009
  • New LEP routines: hzc00109.F (DIS gamma-gamma)
  • Edited hzh0001021.F so that it fills histograms properlly.
  • Move hzhwavrg.F and hzpyavrg.F to the interfaces directory. See manual section on Interfaces for the reason.
  • Extensive updates to the manual.
  • new compilable src/hztemplate.F routine.

Bug Fixes

  • Precision bugs fixed in the deco jetfinder and hz97210.F
  • Wrong use of IERROR in hzhwavrg.F
  • Added "Save" statements to many analysis routines where they were needed.
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